October 3, 2018

Tour A

For first timers who want to experience the beauty of El Nido in one fell swoop, Tour A is unbeatable. If you only have time to take one tour, Tour A is perfect because it best showcases what El Nido is all about: snorkeling or swimming in peaceful waters while surrounded by a jaw-dropping view.

  • Big or Small Lagoon

  • Advin Divesite (Snorkeling)

  • Shimizu Island

  • Seven Commandos

  • Twin Rocks

  • Payong Payong

1. Big Lagoon is an easy first stop since you can simply opt to marvel at the view that will serve to prepare you for the beauty that is Small Lagoon.

2. Small Lagoon is a gorgeous little corner of El Nido that can be accessed by kayaking or swimming through a gap between limestone formations. Pictures won’t suffice since you have to see it yourself to understand why Small Lagoon is a favorite pit stop among travelers to El Nido.

3. Advin Dive Site is one of the most popular divesites in El Nido known for hard corals, sea turtles, and baracuda. A must for big snorkeling fanatics!

4. If there’s one thing you have to do at Shimizu Island, it’s to snorkel! The waters are fairly shallow but you’ll get to see schools of fishes while swimming through the emerald and turquoise waters. It’s also a good spot for picnic lunches or just lazing around.

5. Seven Commandos Beach is perfect for families who want a little bit of everything that the beach can offer. There’s a dedicated swimming area for swimmers, you can kayak and enjoy the peaceful waves, or you can lounge around with a drink or Halo-Halo (a Filipino delicacy of crushed ice with fruits and condensed milk) in hand. Papaya Beach is adjacent to Seven Commandos Beach and it’s a great beach if you want peace and quiet.

Big Lagoon

Seven Commando Beach

Regular rate: 1,500 PHP per person 
Low season rate: 1,300 PHP per person

1. ETDF (Eco-tourism Development Fund) is compulsory and must be bought before embarking on a tour. It costs Php 200/person and is valid for 10 days.
2. Tours are inclusive of Mask and SnorkelDelicious buffet of grilled fish, pork, chicken, rice, vegetables, fruits,  afternoon snacks and complementary drinks, including drinking water.

IMPORTANT: Routes may subject to change depending on the weather and sea conditions.

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