October 8, 2018

More about El Nido

El Nido is a place that will capture your heart and encourage you to stay. It will be a memory that you can safe keep and look back to when you’re in need of tranquility and rejuvenation. El Nido has inspired many an artist and continues to induce awe from people of all walks of life. El Nido is the perfect destination for those who prefer the scenic route.

One of the most scenic spots in the country, El Nido, which is situated in Bacuit Bay, boasts of towering limestone cliffs like those in Thailand or Palau. Aside from the limestone cliffs, visitors will be awed by El Nido’s emerald lagoons, marbled caves, prehistoric sites, powdery beaches, and rich marine life. In 1991, Bacuit Bay was proclaimed as a marine reserve which has helped El Nido retain its beauty and preserve its ethnic culture.

Ever since the government implemented the ETDF (or Eco Tourism Develpment Fee) in 2008, the Reef Watch Program was successfully launched and this has helped everyone from tourists to locals address and prevent threats to the reef ecosystems.

How to Get to El Nido
There are several ways to get to El Nido. You can book direct flights to El Nido from Manila or go the scenic route which is to book a flight to Puerto Princesa. Upon arriving at Puerto Princesa, you can choose from two options:  van or bus. Vans are usually preferred by folks who want less travel time. However, there are issues such as overcrowding or speeding. There are reliable van companies who shuttle tourists to and from El Nido for a slightly higher price but they assure passengers that the ride will be comfortable and absolutely no overcrowding.

When you arrive at El Nido, you might be confused by the dozens of options from cheap lodgings to exclusive resorts. The good news is that El Nido caters to travelers from all walks of life and you can opt for clean rooms at low prices or for exquisite suites that will cater to your every need. You have three options when looking for accommodations at El Nido:

1. Town Proper – This is your best bet if you don’t mind being in the middle of all the hustle and bustle. But then again, this isn’t a very noisy place as compared to other tourist destinations in the Philippines. Plus points that you don’t need to hop on a tricycle once you decide to go on a tour.
2. Caalan – If you like a bit of peace and quiet but you don’t want to be inconvenienced by a slightly longer ride to the town proper, you might want to look at accommodations in this area.
3. Corong Corong – this is where our office (and Ape Bites) is located. Definitely quiet and secluded. You can hitch a ride or walk from Corong Corong to the town proper and that would take you about 10 minutes.

A lot of resorts and accommodations in El Nido can be booked online. Should you need any help, we’ll do our best to assist!